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I believe in people. 

I see people as complex, dynamic, puzzling yet wonderful living artworks. I am fascinated by their ever-changing faces and personalities, who they are and what they do. My intent is to capture the condensed stories their fragments of lives can tell.

They are not the only subject I capture. Have a look at this website to see what else goes through my lenses.

I am an Italian-born and Sydney-based photographer and teacher for Frui Creative Holidays and Courses. With over five years of experience as commercial and editorial photographer and over ten years as advertising director, I am familiar with the creative process behind visual story telling. Throughout the years, I have developed a substantial portfolio and my travel photographs have featured in major Australian and overseas publications. These days I enjoy teaching photography and shooting for clients and friends.

If you are looking to improve your photography, need a photographer or want some help with visual storytelling, please get in touch. 

e. lefotodifrancesco@me.com
m. +61 (0)410 804 896